Anticipating, preventing, and detecting falls in senior housing with Aladin®.

Expertise and guidance via a turnkey solution.

Fall prevention

The smart lamp lights up if a resident goes to the restroom at night

Data analysis

Aladin® keeps track of the number of times a resident gets up each night to anticipate a resident's deteriorating condition.

Fall detection

Motions sensors detect resident's fall and immediately alert caregivers via a smart device.

Total privacy

Aladin® uses motion sensors to anticipate, prevent and detect falls. No cameras needed!

Passive solution

Aladin® is a passive fall detection system and does not require residents to wear a device.

Impact interpretation

Aladin® detects all types of falls

As the only device able to anticipate, prevent and detect falls, Aladin® is clearly the best solution on the market!

Movement generates data


Data is analyzed

The professionnal app & smartphone

The DomalysPRO ap and provided smartphone automatically alerts caregivers when a resident falls. This allows them to intervene quicker than before and minimize the physical and psychological consequences of a fall.

Domalys Online Computer Software

From your computer, use Domalys Online to:

  • See an overview of devices installed

  • Receive detailed resident monitoring reports (ex: room temperature, frequency a resident gets up, frequency a resident falls)

  • Calculate caregiver response time

  • Quickly evaluate possible cause of a fall

Our team takes care of everything

A subscription to the Aladin® solution includes:

An audit and a technical evaluation

Installation of the device, training and support

Monitoring, reporting of Aladin® data and continuing education

Assistance 24/7 and automatic software updates

We are by your side every step of the way as we assess falls in your facility, evaluate your current Internet connect, install the device and support your team with personalized training.

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