Guarantee your senior housing is safe and a great place to live.

Place people at the center of your focus. Domalys will take care of the rest. Give your team and residents complete peace of mind as you improve quality of life and reduce costs for your senior housing facility.

Falls are a major problem.
Do you know the true cost of falls?

Every 11 seconds

an elderly person receives emergency treatment for a fall*

8 millions falls

require medical treatment each year*

$51 billion

is the total cost o falls in the US each year*


Senior housing facilities are confronted with an average cost of $512K per year from falls.



The turnkey solution

Created with the help of certified fall prevention specialists, Aladin® is designed to detect and reduce falls, monitor residents while respecting their privacy, and give caregivers a greater peace of mind.

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Working with you hand in hand

Falls can't be prevented by technology alone. You can count on our expertise to guide you every step of the way.

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We assess the costs and stress associated with falls in your senior housing facility and evaluate resident autonomy.


We support and train your team all along the way.


Our expert diagnosis helps you select the ideal solution for your senior housing facility and promote improved quality of life.


Reduce costs and stress associated with falls in your senior housing acility thanks to our all-in-one solution.

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Join us for support from fall prevention specialists.

Using our expertise to guide you all along the way.

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