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Domalys, a great place to live

"Listening to and taking into account each opinion allows us to measure at every moment the path to be taken.  All the teams were interviewed through a free and anonymous questionnaire, they had the opportunity to express, with sincerity, what they experience on a daily basis within the company where error is considered a duty to grow and take responsibility.

Today we are proud of this award. We are aware that there are still areas for improvement to hope to offer our teams a better quality of life at work".

Arnaud Brillaud, Founder, CEO. 

Our Story

Domalys was formed in France in 2013 as part of Métaleo (a company with 20 years' experience in industrial manufacturing), after its managing director sought to diversify the company to make it more focused on end customers

After carrying out market research and extensive conversations with French assisted living facilities, Domalys started to co-design products with healthcare professionnals. Our aim was to improve the lives of those who are vulnerable and the caregivers that support them.

Domalys is now the French market leader in co-designing solutions specifically for the elderly population, enabling them to remain independent for longer.

What sets Domalys a part from the competition is that all our products have been co-designed with healthcare professionals and the elderly. Thanks to their input, we can be 100% certain that our solutions meet their specific needs.

Domalys has won a number of awards over the years including an annual design award from the French Observatoire du design, the Financial Times "Champion of Growth" (for European companies) award, and more recently the French "Great Place To Work" certification.

2019 marked a real turning point in the company's history and saw Domalys take part in CES along with the creation of the company's first U.S branch.

Domalys INC

1680 Michigan Avenue, suite 722
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Domalys France

58 rue du Vercors
86 240 Fontaine-Le-Comte

Domalys Japan

C/o NextLevel Japan - Yamashiro Bldg
7F 1-15-16 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0062 

Our mission

Our mission is to create innovative products that improve the lives of the elderly, empowering them to remain independent for longer while making the lives of their caregivers easier .

Because of this, the entire Domalys team has a strong corporate culture deeply influenced by both human and business values:


We're convinced that by working intensively and with real pleasure, we can achieve excellence. With a single aim: complete customer satisfaction.


Innovation is at the heart of our approach. The Domalys team works every day to best meet the constantly evolving needs of people in care and healthcare professionals.

Through our approach and innovative products, we want to provide solutions that meet their expectations and those of future generations.


In order to design innovative products, we listen to healthcare professionals in the field. In order to make our company a great place to work, we listen to our employees. In order to develop long-lasting relationships, we listen to our suppliers and our customers.


Because we believe in commitment, we'll never go back on our word. Because we want to be a part of the changes of tomorrow, we accept our responsibilities. 

Domalys supports Assisted living facilities 
in their mission of caring for the elderly.

We improve the lives of elderly people

We create innovative products for assisted living facilities and nursing homes

We make the job of their caregivers easier

About Domalys

Domalys is the French leader in co-designing solutions for senior-specific needs, so that the elderly can remain independent. Our range of solutions goes from ergonomic equipment to smart objects like Aladin®.

The unique quality of Domalys is that our products are conceived with healthcare professionals and elderly people so that we know our solutions fit their needs 100%.


Our team

At Domalys, we always want to outdo ourselves and we all love a challenge.
This helps to create a team spirit that makes us stronger together.

Arnaud B.
Founder & CEO

(305)-777 2258

Maximilien P.



Evan B.
US Business Developer


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Sylvia E.

Sales & Executive Assistant


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The management team

Thierry D.

Innovation & Industrial Development 


Céline B.



Sylvie L.



Anne-Gaëlle M.

Human Resources


Maxime V.