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Domalys, a great place to live

"Active listening and considering all contributor feedback has allowed us to take steps in the right direction and improve our service and product. Our teams were interviewed through an anonymous questionnaire which gave them the opportunity to freely identify areas to improve and express the personal need to grow within the company. We are proud of our award. While we may still have some things to work on, we look forward to offering our teams a better quality of life at work. "

Arnaud Brillaud, Founder, CEO. 

Our Story

Domalys was founded in France in 2013 as an affiliate of industrial manufacturing expert Métaleo following an executive aim to diversity the company and further focus on end consumers. 

After extensive research and consulting with senior housing facilities all around France, Domalys began collaborating with healthcare professionals to co-design an array of products aimed at improving the life of vulnerable individuals and the caregivers that support them.

Today, Domalys is the French leader in the market for elderly care products and services. Domalys is proud to provide solutions that enable the elderly population to greatly extend its autonomy and independence.

Domalys distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to in-depth collaboration with healthcare professionals and the elderly for its entire range of products. This valuable input provides Domalys with the tools required to create solutions that fully meet the specific needs of healthcare providers and the elderly.

Since its creation, Domalys has won several awards for its innovation and promise. This includes an annual design award from the French Observatoire du design, the Financial Times' Champion of Growth for European businesses award, and the most recent French Great Place to Work certification.

2019 marked a real turning point in the company's history, with Domalys participating in influential tech trade show CES and creating the company's first U.S branch.

Domalys INC

1680 Michigan Avenue, suite 722
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Domalys France

58 rue du Vercors
86 240 Fontaine-Le-Comte

Domalys Japan

C/o NextLevel Japan - Yamashiro Bldg
7F 1-15-16 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0062 

Our mission

We are committed to creating innovative products that improve the lives of the elderly and empower them to remain independent while ceasing caregiver workload.

The Domalys team upholds a strong corporate  culture deeply influenced by both human and  business values:


We believe that by blending hard work and  passion, we can achieve excellence. Our  primary aim? Complete customer satisfaction.


Innovation is at the heart of our approach.  The Domalys team strives to meet the  constantly evolving needs of people in care  and healthcare professionals. We strive  through our innovative approach and range of  products to provide solutions that respond to  their expectations and those of future  generations.


We consult with healthcare professionals and  take to heart their needs to ensure the most  innovative products around. We listen and  exchange with our employees to guarantee  Domalys is a great place to work. We are  guided by feedback from our suppliers and  customers to build long-lasting relationships.


We believe in commitment and will uphold  our promise to you. Accountability is  important for us to evolve with the changes of  tomorrow.

Domalys supports senior housing facilities in their mission to care for the elderly

We improve the lives of elderly people

We create innovative products for senior housing

We land a hand to caregivers in their workload

About Domalys

Domalys is the French leader in solutions that  enable the elderly population to greatly  extend its autonomy and independence.  Our products and services include ergonomic  equipment and innovative smart objects such  as Aladin®.

Domalys is unique thanks to its in-depth  collaboration with healthcare professionals  and the elderly for its entire range of  products. This valuable input allows Domalys  to create solutions that fully meet the specific  needs of its users.


Our team

At Domalys, we strive to go above and beyond and love a good challenge.
This further deepens our team and makes us stronger together

Arnaud B.
Founder & CEO

(305)-777 2258

Maximilien P.



Evan B.
US Business Developer


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Sylvia E.

Sales & Executive Assistant


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The management team

Thierry D.

Innovation & Industrial Development 


Céline B.



Sylvie L.



Anne-Gaëlle M.

Human Resources


Maxime V.